Arun Thundyill Saseendran

Presented at VMware RADIO 2023 San Francisco

It was a proud moment and honor to preset at the celebrated VMware RADIO (R&D Innovation Offsite) in San Francisco. The audience reception, the vibe of 1300+ brilliant people around you, it was simply amazing.

Finally a Master’s Graduation

Though I completed by MSc Computer Science degree in Aug 2019, COVID-19 hit hard and the graduation ceremony did not happen. I was adamant that I would not get graduated virtually. For me, the degree was years of penance and I did want to wear the gown with the cap, get graduated in the 470 year old Trinity Examination Hall, walk the front square and throw the cap in the air. Finally it happened and I understood, Happy Tears are a thing.

Visited Cambridge University as a Computational Linguistics Consultant

Felt it an honor to be invited to Cambridge University, Digital Humanities to consult on ‘Digital Approaches to Political Speeches’ – an awesome motivation for my research in Computation Linguistics.

Enter the world of VMware – A dream come true

After having been fascinated by the power of virtualization and in-turn cloud quite early in the 2010s, having been inspired by the company behind the virtualization revolution – VMWare, it was a dream come true moment to finally be part of VMware’s multi-cloud journey playing a pivotal role as Staff Engineer.

Employee Appreciation Memento from Deem

It was great to be honored with a Memento for the challenging project, enjoying every bit of it, learning a lot, delivering it to improve customer experience and playing a key part in ‘easier to travel anywhere (#etta) – Deem’s flagship product’

Winner of the Deem Global Hackathon

It was a nail biting finish with competitive competent teams working round the clock to implement and present their ideas. And our team of 4 were selected the Global winners for the hackathon idea “Intelligent Recommendation Engine” – An Artificial Intelligence Backed User Adaptive Custom Search Engine for Travel Industry

A very big step in life – marriage!

It was a great moment in my life. The love of my life, Subishi said yes to me and we got married. The mood was festive, there was a strong vibe of happiness and positivity. Parents, family, and friends were celebrating. Cannot describe the occasion in words!

Once in a life time opportunity at Deem

Deem Inc, a major player in corporate travel with 20+ years experience in the Industry and backed by Enterprise Holdings Inc., started their Research & Development centre in Dublin. With a focus to re-engineering the complete platform from scratch using the state of the art technologies, Deem offered a ‘once in a career opportunity’ to be a part of revolutionising the travel industry and a great opportunity to learn.

Beginning of work life in Dublin

Started work at FÍOSÍN Research at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, leading R&D of Social Media Monitor- a microservices based cloud-native system to aid emergency management teams before, during and after natural disasters by making use of real-time social media streams by leveraging NLP, Machine Learning and Computation Linguistics.

Chasing Dreams @ Trinity College Dublin

A dream come true! After several years in the industry, getting on to chase the dreams. Enrolled for a Masters in Computer Science Degree at Trinity College Dublin – Ireland’s Best University and a top 100 in the world.

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at EMC

It is a day that I will always cherish. Recognized as a distinguished member of the technical staff at DELL EMC and given the role of an Architecture Delegate.

Winner of Smart India Hackathon 2017 – World’s Biggest
Winner of Smart India Hackathon 2017 – World’s Biggest

Industry Mentor of the Team Technofreakz that was declared as Nation Wide Winner under the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in the Worlds Biggest and First Smart India Hackathon where 29 Ministries of India had given 598 problem statements. Shortlisted from 42,000 students (7000 teams) of 2,183 engineering and management colleges and universities from across India, 1,266 teams worked nonstop for 36 hours to build products based on their ideas across 26 locations in India during the ‘Grand Finale’ of ‘Smart India Hackathon 2017’ April 1st and 2nd, 2017.

First Research Journal Publication

My first recognized contribution to the community. A research paper on Cloud Computing Security titled, “A Secured Proof of Ownership and Enhanced Deduplication Scheme for Cloud Storage” published in Asian Journal of Information Technology.

Joined EMC

The life at EMC was wonderful! From a Software Engineer to a Senior Software Engineer. From a service based company employee to a product based company. It was full of opportunities and transitions!

Became a Software Engineer

The day will always be a pleasant memory for me. The day I was part of an MNC and titled Software Engineer. Thanks to TCS for the opportunity!

Intership @ TATA Consultancy Services

Another new opening! The first exposure to Enterprise. The internship was on Cloud and Big Data and I was part of the team that authored the paper ‘A pragmatic approach to predict hardware failures in storage systems using MPP database and big data technologies’ published in IEEE International Advance Computing Conference.

First Job – Freelance Software Developer

Started to work as a freelance software developer for M6.NET developing C# .NET Based Windows Desktop Applications.

Entry into Cloud Computing Research

The day Prof. Uma Maheshwari called me when I was just beginning studies in the second year of college, to ask whether I had interest in Cloud Computing was a life-changing event in my life. Until then cloud computing was only a cosy buzz word! However, from that day ahead, it became my field of interest. Manjrasoft, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, OpenStack, VMWare, AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, DELL EMC….. I never imagined that day, it would turn out that I will be a part building one of those private turn-key cloud HCI solutions! What a day it was!

Licensed to Drive

It was one of the happiest days of my life. I was 18 years and 1 month old – and I had a 4 wheeler license in my hand.

The formal Birth of an Engineer – Computer Engineer

First things first – I wanted credit for my merit! So, I choose to take education via Government Quota in Sri Krishna College of Technology and chose B.Tech Information Technology. I was very eager to develop software. Only later I understood that in the freshman year of college, they hardly teach basic programming using C++! However, it was fun! It was a whole new life!