Arun Thundyill Saseendran

Arun Thundyill Saseendran
March 18 2009

Here comes a High School Grad! – The World Widens

Completing Higher Secondary School widened my world. It felt great to graduate from a school that I have been studying for twelve long years, a little sad too since I was no more going to Breeks! It was a year of pride for my parents and myself. I got a total of seven awards including the Best Outgoing Student Award and John Mathia’s Cup for Best Communication Skills.
March 18 2007

The year of AISLC – New Beginning!

Completing my 10th grade with 87.6% percentage, getting the third rank in the school and a centum in Biology was good – thanks to God – nevertheless it had a lot in store for me. Appreciations flew in and along with that came a lot of advice. Advice and Advice!!
March 1 2005

Brought My First Computer

After years of dreaming about one and caressing it whenever I got a chance, looking at all possible Ads in the newspaper, it was a dream come true! To have a computer for me. A computer to make all my dreams come true. I was thrilled to have my very own desktop PC. With a Windows XP OS, 40GB SATA HDD, 512 MB RAM and a Mercury VIA Chipset, it was the best computer in the world – for me. It opened up endless opportunities for me. For me, she was an angel!
August 9 1999

Joined First Computer Course

I first saw a computer in 1997 in school and I was introduced to LOGO. Later, in 1998 the school announced that it would be conducting a computer course for students in partnership with EVERONN computers. The course was named “Chutti Bharathi” (Naughty Young Indian). The course introduced me to the first programming language for me – BASIC. It also introduced me to¬† Dave. Had to fight a battle, given the age, to join the course – a nice little story of young will, if you may want to hear.
June 2 1997

Joined First Standard

I joined my school where I would study the next 12 years. A place as equally important as my home. I am proud to be a student of the all famous Breeks Memorial Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, Ooty, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India established in the year 1874 in memory of the First Collector of Nilgiris, J.W. Breeks I.C.S.
June 5 1995

Joined Kindergarten

Joined kindergarten in the school named Guild of Service. It was where I got my first set of friends. But there is a catch here. In fact, I joined the school for the first time in 1994 but discontinued after going to the school for a few days and then joined in 1995. I was too young to go to kinder in 1994 anyways :-P.
August 1 1991

Arun was Born!

With the blessings of the Almighty, I was born! I am proud to be the son of Saseendran TV and Anitha S. I always feel lucky to be the little brother of Deepa Thundyil Saseendran.