Arun Thundyill Saseendran

Here comes a High School Grad! – The World Widens

Completing Higher Secondary School widened my world. It felt great to graduate from a school that I have been studying for twelve long years, a little sad too since I was no more going to Breeks! It was a year of pride for my parents and myself. I got a total of seven awards including the Best Outgoing Student Award and John Mathia’s Cup for Best Communication Skills.

The year of AISLC – New Beginning!

Completing my 10th grade with 87.6% percentage, getting the third rank in the school and a centum in Biology was good – thanks to God – nevertheless it had a lot in store for me. Appreciations flew in and along with that came a lot of advice. Advice and Advice!!

Brought My First Computer

After years of dreaming about one and caressing it whenever I got a chance, looking at all possible Ads in the newspaper, it was a dream come true! To have a computer for me. A computer to make all my dreams come true. I was thrilled to have my very own desktop PC. With a Windows XP OS, 40GB SATA HDD, 512 MB RAM and a Mercury VIA Chipset, it was the best computer in the world – for me. It opened up endless opportunities for me. For me, she was an angel!

Joined First Computer Course

I first saw a computer in 1997 in school and I was introduced to LOGO. Later, in 1998 the school announced that it would be conducting a computer course for students in partnership with EVERONN computers. The course was named “Chutti Bharathi” (Naughty Young Indian). The course introduced me to the first programming language for me – BASIC. It also introduced me to¬† Dave. Had to fight a battle, given the age, to join the course – a nice little story of young will, if you may want to hear.

Joined First Standard

I joined my school where I would study the next 12 years. A place as equally important as my home. I am proud to be a student of the all famous Breeks Memorial Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, Ooty, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India established in the year 1874 in memory of the First Collector of Nilgiris, J.W. Breeks I.C.S.

Joined Kindergarten

Joined kindergarten in the school named Guild of Service. It was where I got my first set of friends. But there is a catch here. In fact, I joined the school for the first time in 1994 but discontinued after going to the school for a few days and then joined in 1995. I was too young to go to kinder in 1994 anyways :-P.

Arun was Born!

With the blessings of the Almighty, I was born! I am proud to be the son of Saseendran TV and Anitha S. I always feel lucky to be the little brother of Deepa Thundyil Saseendran.