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Why Trinity College Dublin is the Best in Ireland for Studying Computer Science?

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To first put out a blunt fact, hardly 10% of the total population who study under graduation go on to pursue their Master’s degree. And that is one of the main reasons that there is scarce suggestions/advice available when it comes to choosing the country and university for pursuing your Master’s degree. Even I was quizzed with all these questions – about the country – about the University, and about the rationale for choosing that country or university. The worst part is when there are people who would never even have thought about doing their Master’s, without any research and without any experience starts suggesting countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, what else and what not. Some familiar names that they have heard come in as serious advice and whenever a person chooses something else they are offended. And often, it is the duty of the student to provide the rationale and justify the choice of choosing the country. For example, I choose Ireland to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Ireland is a wonderful country to study and gain work experience. I had done my research and the potential was very good. However, convincing others was very difficult and hence I wrote a post of the reasons for choosing Ireland to study Computer Science so that people like me who face questions can justify!

Choosing a good university is as important as choosing a good country to pursue a Masters degree in Computer Science. In this post, I pen out the rationale that satisfied me to choose Trinity College Dublin, in County Dublin, Ireland to pursue Master of Science in Computer Science. This may be an anchor for you make the decision just like me to study in Trinity College Dublin.

The above facts were based on focused reading and research before I joined here to study. However, after four months of studying in Trinity College Dubin, I can surely vouch for it. Some of my very personal experiences after studying here and talking to a lot of people are as follows.

  • It is a joy and pride to walk around in this heritage campus along the paths, corridors, and hallways where some of the greats have walked.
  • The course structure and the topics covered are much more elaborate, industry-oriented and hard than other universities like UCD, NUI Galway and most other universities.
  • A close competitor to Trinity College Dublin is UCD (University College Dublin) and they do a pretty decent job in terms of employability. When it comes to Trinity, the college and the course is reputed and respected and many career fairs are organized by the university. However, in terms of UCD, the placement cell takes special care in getting the students placed which as far as I know is not there in TCD.
  • Located in the heart of the City, studying at Trinity opens you to all possible Tech Meetups in the City. Be it any meetup, it is just a small drift away.
  • Tradition is always a norm. Seeing professors in robes every now and then and having orthodox ceremonies is a usual sight.

And to add to all these, some popular articles from the press.

Trinity College Dublin finishes top of the league table for the 16th successive year in the #SundayTimes Irish Good University Guide 2019

The Trinity Grand Canal Dock Innovation District is underway and with it, the fame and honor of Trinity College Dublin will further increase.

GC Innovation District EZine

If you have questions, post them in the comments section and I will try to answer them. If you have a difference of opinion or want to add anything, let me know through comments and I will add them in.

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