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Why study Computer Science in Ireland?

I came to Ireland in the year 2018 to study at Trinity College Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland. One of the questions that many people asked me very much unanimously when they came to know that I am in Ireland for studying my Master’s degree in Computer Science is: 

Why Ireland? Why not US, Canada or Australia… Why Ireland of all other countries?

Hence, I thought I will pen down why I chose Ireland. It will help some of those wanting to study in Ireland convince people and for some may be an eye-opener for those who are planning to do their higher studies.

Some of the most important things that one should consider when choosing a country and University for higher studies are as follows

  • Quality of education.
  • Research Output of the University.
  • Favorability for gaining experience in the field of study with a work VISA.
  • Availability of top companies in the related field.
  • The possibility of Employment and good enough salary to sustain you.

Rationale for Ireland as the country of Study

Considering the above-mentioned prospects and carefully inspecting the facts, Ireland was my choice of country to pursue Masters Degree in Computer Science. The reasons that led me to choose Ireland as the country of study are as follows.

A small word of warning – but can be tackled quite well.

The rent for housing in ‘Dublin’ is very very high. You could get a shared double bedroom 30 mins away from the city center at around 500 EUR. If you want to stay in the city center, a single ensuite room will be no less than 900 EUR. However, all these places are legal, safe and well maintained.

You could also find a lot of places where you could stay as paying guest. This has also been quite a good experience and works out a lot cheaper. It is great if you are happy to live with a host family. To remind you, the Irish people are very friendly and their hospitality is awesome.

I currently study at Trinity College Dublin. I will shortly write a blog post about the rationale of choosing Trinity for studying computer science.

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