Flavors of Software Companies – The good, bad and ugly!

Since the world is driven by software, the number of software companies and their types is vast. Hence, in this article, I am going to categorize the different flavors on a high level and from the perspective of a software development engineer – which I am and will be! Folks focused in other areas of software industry such as marketing, sales, finance, management, etc., may not find these flavors meaningful.

Each Company is different


your choice decides your career!

What do I mean by flavors of companies?

By a flavour I mean a combination of

  • the culture the organisation has
  • the work environment
  • the technology stack and approach towards technology
  • the learning opportunity (very important isn’t it)
  • the compensation (a reason to wake up and go to work)

The types of companies in my initial list

  • Freelance Work a.k.a virtual company
  • Service / Consultancy company
  • An Established Product company
  • A startup
  • Pseudo Startup (Small/Medium established companies with a claim of being a startup)

I am going to jot down, what I know of, mostly because of my personal experience in working in all of the above types of companies and some that I know of from people I know I can trust.

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